J. Phlip – Barbary Coast EP

A1. Bootyberg – J. Phlip

B1. Sleazy Pancakes – J. Phlip

B2. Big Ass, Party Hat – J. Phlip

Title: J. Phlip – Barbary Coast EP
Cat-No: DB053
Release date: August 17, 2011

In the 1840s a certain neighborhood in San Francisco was nicknamed, “The Barbary Coast.” It was described as “the haunt of the low and the vile of every kind…Dance-halls and concert-saloons, where blear-eyed men and faded women drink vile liquor, smoke offensive tobacco, engage in vulgar conduct, sing obscene songs and say and do everything to heap upon themselves more degradation, are numerous.”

This new EP from J. Phlip fits that description nicely. Deep and dirty with filthy ghetto sample drops.
Lots of people think they know about SF basslines but only a few actually can pull it off. Jessica is one of those people. She is one of my favorite DJs on earth and her new EP shows why she fits in so well with at dirtybird. Big basslines, quirky ideas, and a general sense of mischief make this EP stick out from all the matchy matchy tracks out there.


Fri Aug 12th – LA @ Avalon
Thu Aug 18th – SF @ Vessel
Fri Aug 19th – NYC @ Cielo
Fri Aug 26th – Vancouver @ 560
Sat Aug 27th – Seattle @ Baltic Room
Fri Sept 2,3 – Burningman
Thu Sept 8th – Omaha @ House of Loom
Fri Sept 9th – Denver @ private warehouse
Sat Sept 10th – Boston @ Good Life
Fri Sept 16th – Miami @ Electric Pickle
Sat Sept 17th – DC @ U Hall

Boys Noize – “Bootyberg is dope shit! Will play for sure!!”
Bok Bok - “LOVE Big Ass Party Hat!!!”
Craig – (Silicone Soul) - “Serve me up some more Sleazy Pancakes anytime… very cool!!!”
Seth Troxler - “Big Ass, Party Hat is perfect for summer festivals… i can see asses.”
Will Saul - “Love ‘Big Ass, Party Hat’ – will play and chart for sure!”
AFFKT - “Amazing Ep! Sleazy Pancakes is my favorite but loving all!”
SOLO - “Jessica never disappoints, love the mood of this ep! Sleazy Pancakes is for me!”
Justin Martin - “I LOVE this ep!!!!!! ”
Brodinski - “Groove is definitely the key on this one. Congrats, Bootyberg is a big one!”
Tom Findlay - (Groove Armada) – “Really diggin’ Big Ass, Party Hat!! Will be playing!!”
AME / Kristian – “This is a really nice Ep!”
Lee Curtiss - “Big Ass Party Hat is the JAM! ”
Felix – (Hot Chip) - “A lot of fun and 3 tracks that definitely stick out from the crowd!
Till von Sein - “Amazing ep again!! Bootyberg it is! ”
Switch - “Nice basslines throughout here!”
Alland Byallo - “Amazing production as usual. J. Phlip for president!”
Lucas - (Zombie Disco Squad) – “Big Ass, Party Hat is the jam here…..reminds me of Whodini or something….
Qzen - “Yah dude! I’ve been waiting for some dirt from this lady. DAYUMMM GIRL DON’T HURT ‘EM!”
UNER - “So impressive as always!!! like it!!! Sleazy my pic!”
Hannah Holland - “Sikkk EP, will be playing these out at Lovebox over the weekend…classic summer party jams ”
Sian - “Excellente, total futuristic pirate shanty vibes!…get low, indeed!”
Matt Walsh - “Big Ass, Party Hat is great! Best for me here, will play this weekend.”
Tom Flynn - “BANG ON! Twist one up & roll over! Love all 3 tracks here…….Thanks!!”
Ralf – (Mobilee records) - “Big Ass, Party Hat it is! Great!!”
Marcin Czubala - “Big Ass, Party Hat, 100% dirtybird sound, i like ”
Sacha Robotti - “Sleazy Pancakes is sounding cooool!”
Neoteric - “Whoa, this is massive! Bootyberg is amazing. Big Ass Party Hat is rad too. Fullest of support! thanks!”
Johnny Fiasco - “It’s Booty!!”
Axel Boman - “Supergood release! I love all 3 tracks!!”
Kris Wadsworth - “I think Jessica needs to get her mouth washed out with a bar of soap.
M A N I K - “Nice one from J Phlip. I like Big Ass, Party Hat. It’s official!!!”
Martin Landsky - “All in all a funny release…in the good way  Big Ass and Sleazy Pancakes are very cool….”
Renaissance Man – “Bootyberg is GREAT!!!”
Rob Slac – “Dope stuff from Jessica once again! Getting Filthy Again! Thanks for the promo…”
Ivan Smagghe – “Ahhhhhh. Proper booty funk. Best 12″ on DB for ages!!”
Brian Gillespie – “Big Ass, Party Hat is VERY nice.”
Sleazemore – “Great release form J.Phlip Will 100% be supporting and playing. I love all 3 tracks.”
Andy Baxter – (Pacha & Cafe Mambo Ibiza) – “Always the rudest tracks from dirtybird crew. Thank You.”
Josh Marcy – “YES nice work Jess! Big Ass, Party Hat is my fav.”
Mozaic – “Bootyberg, Gold medal!! TKO. Money shot. GAME OVER.”
Voitek – (Catz n Dogz) – “LOVE Bootyberg!! !”
Greg – (Catz n Dogz) – “JESS IS THE BEST!! ”
Feygin – “These dirtybird guys know what they’re doing.. i can barely sit in this chair listening to this.. absolutely love Big Ass Party Hat.. something fresh and discoeyy oh and the Sleazy Pancake is fresh too.. 10/10.. one of the best DB releases I’ve ever heard.”
Blu Jemz - “Big Ass, Party Hat got the late night shit!!”
Mathias Schaffhäuser - “Yeah, big FUN! always a pleasure to hear music beyond the mainstream.”
Thomas Schumacher - “How can one not shake the bum to Big Ass, Party Hat? Lovin it!!!”
Miguel Manzano - “Sweet as usual dudes! Sleazy Pancakes the fav!”
Troy Pierce - “Really like Sleazy Pancakes, Big Ass, Party Hat is interesting… Bootyberg is not really my thing, but i have never been a fan of putting my hands in the air… i guess i always care too much. thanks!!!”
Laurent Garnier - “Loooove the Booty track!! ”
Tayo - “Syncopated sweetness!! All up in this. My fave promo this week!!”
Phonique - “Sleazy Pancakes is sounding very cool.”
Terry Francis - (Fabric London) – “Sleazy bumcakes is def the strongest for me here. Support!” - “Big Ass, Party Hat has a killer bassline!!! Love it!”
Layo - “Loving Sleazy Pancakes..  All over it!”
Talal & Zoi - “Sleazy Pancakes!!!!! Gangstah song!! ”
Lance DeSardi - “Cool stuff, Diggin Big Ass, Party Hat…”
Alex Flitsch - “Sleazy Pancake is a KILLER!!!”
Lauhaus – “Sleazy Pancakes sounds so sweet! Will def be playing this!!”
Danny Howells – “Sleazy Pancakes is proper!!”
Gavin Herlihy – “This is a cool EP!! Especially loving the Big Ass, Party Hat!”
Reboot – “Bootyberg for the ASS to shake it!!! ”
Martin Dawson – “Big Ass Party Hat is fat. I used to listen to this kind of electro breaks back in the day. Big fan!!!”
Worthy – “J.Phlip comin correct once again, stellar ep… ahh yahhh!!”
Olibusta – “Wooooo just my cup of tea!! Big Ass, Party Hat!!”


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3 The Clock - Kyle Watson
4 Bell Murray - Christian Martin
5 Roff - Genghis Clan & Bot
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Release date (Worldwide): October 28, 2014
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