Claude VonStroke – Bird Brain

Artist: Claude VonStroke
Title: Bird Brain
Label: dirtybird
Formats: Full Length CD, digital, 12″ singles
Cat-N°: DB030
Release date: CD/digital October 19th. 2009

Monster Island

The Greasy Beat (ft. Bootsy Collins)

Vocal Chords

Big n Round

Bay Area

California (co prod. by J Phlip)


Beat That Bird (co-prod. by Justin Martin)

Storm on Lake St. Claire

Jasper’s Baby Robot


Bird Brain

Since he burst onto the scene in 2005 with the oddball classic ‘Deep Throat’ Barclay Crenshaw, aka Claude VonStroke has risen rapidly to very top of the DJ/Producer spectrum.

His early productions, ‘Chimps ‘, ‘The Whistler’ and of course the mighty ‘Who’s Afraid Of Detroit’, were a true breath of fresh air amongst the stifling onslaught of minimal. Its not too big a statement, to say that it was these releases, with their inspired construction, crazy samples, and heavy basslines that really brought ‘fun’ back to the world’s dancefloors at a time when its was deemed ‘cool’ to be moody.

CVS’s 2007 debut album ‘Beware Of The Bird’ was an instant hit, and released on his own ‘dirtybird’ imprint. Since then the label’s sound has grown to be so distinctive that many productions are now labeled with the ‘dirtybird sound’ tag.

That same year saw CVS launch his second label ‘mothership’. As his own sound has developed, it has enabled him to release new, more techno-lead productions, as well as release inspired music from a host of exciting talent including Catz n Dogz, Italoboyz and Voodeux.

October 24th sees the release of Claude VonStroke’s second artist album ‘Bird Brain’. In true CVS style, the music is a diverse menagerie of sounds and samples. Many provided by the man himself.

His love for his home city of San Francisco and its people, heavily influences the music of‚ ‘Bird Brain’. The sites and sounds of the bustling Haight St. where he lives have seeped into the tracks. As has the never-ending enthusiasm of those dirty, smelly San Fran folk who just love getting down to the booty-shaking, rump-rustling bass in Golden Gate Park. These are the same party people who don’t give a damn about the next house fad or the next ‘big DJ’ playing in Ibiza. As CVS himself puts it. “If the last album was ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit’, then this is clearly ‘I Love San Francisco’.”

So what can u expect from ‘Bird Brain’? Well, he’s taken the ready and rough edged sounds from the first album and sanded them smooth. But do not fear CVS lovers. The album is chock full of dirty, slutty, dank, funny and giggling cuts. Just with a smoother overall vibe. Less axe murdering breakdowns, but with all the quirky madness still intact. Lets call it ‘VonStroke 2.0′.

VonStroke and dirtybird have never been defined by genres. And with the current trend for chasing and recreating 90′s deep house loops, many respected producers have been abandoning their creativity. “Whether you like this album or not, there is no fake funk in this project. This is music from my heart.”

The diversity of the album is refreshing. Heavy jackin’, ultra-deep, nasty funk and inventive arrangements are all present, as are legends (Bootsy Collins) and friends (Justin Martin & J Phlip). Creating a complete guide to the musical mind of Claude VonStroke.

Every nook and cranny of his feathered frontal lobe, and beyond has been visited. With warm bootsy-fied bass. Lo-ridin’, piano riffin’, smokers delights and genial vocal cuts sitting brilliantly alongside homages to lost D&B days and the beautiful female form.

As with his debut, Claude VonStroke’s ‘Bird Brain’ is a must own piece of work, that expertly blurs the lines between the ‘headz only’ sounds of the underground, and music that your everyday ‘non-dance’ friends can enjoy. So few producers can tread that line with the ease of our San-Fran friend, and it is this skill, that of course, makes him King of the Dirty Birds!

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Bird Brain World Tour

November 2009

Nov 6 – Paris @ Rex Club
Nov 7 – Manchester @ Warehouse Project
Nov 13 – San Francisco @Mezzanine
Nov 20 – Berlin @ Watergate
Nov 21 – Rome @ Goa
Nov 27 – Los Angeles @ Compression

December 2009

Dec 4 – Amsterdam @ Melkweg
Dec 5 – London @ Fabric
Dec 12 – Portland @ 24Ten
Dec 18 – Toronto @ Mod
Dec 19 – Chicago @ Smart Bar
Dec 30 – NYE/NYD – Australia

January 2010

Jan 23 – Munich @ Harry Klein
Jan 24 – Barcelona @ The Loft
Jan 29 – Dublin @ Button Factory
Jan 30 – Leeds @ Back to Basics

February 2010

Brasil & Japan – dates TBA


Worldwide Booking:

motherbird agency




Management & licensing – Sharen Norden –


Select DJ Feedbacks From Bird Brain:

M.A.N.D.Y – “Unbelievable!! love love love it!!!”

Stephan Bodzin – “Best VonStroke since Who’s Afraid of Detroit. I go totally nuts and so the crowd will!!!! 7 of 5 stars. Can´t believe it…”

Ben Watt – “Never give 5 stars, but this deserves it. Beautiful heavy track. Imaginitive, simple and complex all at the same time.”

Adam Freeland – “What drugs is this guy taking? I need some of them.”

Robag Whrume – “5/5 cool … the track is done! nice basswummse!!!!”

Heidi – “Super Bomb!!!!”

Sebo K – “love it! full support!”

Martyn – “just wicked!”

Marc Romboy – “Great job, Barclay, fresh breezes for the techhouse scene, my full support!”

Zombie Disco Squad – “Reciving new tracks from Barclay is a mixed blessing- They are allways amazing- but then I go and insult my own sounds.”

John Tejada – “Really interesting and original.”

DOP “Genius!!!!"


De-Bug Magazine – “Super, Fantastic”
Raveline Magazine – “Super album… Versatile and funky”


The 7 days of dirtybird

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2 People Forget - Sonny Fodera
3 The Clock - Kyle Watson
4 Bell Murray - Christian Martin
5 Roff - Genghis Clan & Bot
6 For the Club - Ballast feat. Kid Enigma
7 Princess - Justin Martin & Ardalan BUY on Beatport

Ardalan – The Yeah / No

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Release date (Worldwide): Dec 16th
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7. KIll Frenzy & Justin Jay - Lava
8. Kill Frenzy & Christian Martin - Bondi
9. Kontrol
10. So Fine

Kill Frenzy – All Night Long / No Panties

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Release date (Worldwide): October 28, 2014
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2. No Panties
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Aaron Snapes – Introducing Aaron Snapes

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