CVS – “Bird Brain” Remixes Pt. 3

Monster Island – Bruno Pronsato Remix

Storm On Lake St. Claire– Stimming Remix

Monster Island – Christian Martin Remix

Title: Claude VonStroke – “Bird Brain” Remixes Pt. 3
Cat-No: DB030c
Release date: March 15th.

We start out with “Monster Island” the 1st track from the album. Bruno Pronsato was one of the very first DJs Claude played with on the road in 2006 when his 1st album came out and they have been keeping in touch ever since. Recently they played together again in SF where Bruno said “Monster Island” was like “music to fuck to”….but we feel it is the other way around and that it is actually Bruno who is making the sexiest beats on the planet right now.

Stimming (who was the only producer to have 2 tracks on Claude’s Fabric mix) delivers the deep dark side of the abyss with his remix of “Storm on Lake St. Claire.” We love his warm lush bass tones layered with club friendly beats. His production skills are undeniable.

Fellow dirtybird, Christian Martin rounds out the package with a very surprisingly dark rendition, based on heavy 808s and and a very cool “Breakbeat vs. Audion” sound that is sure to smash up any sound system. He is developing into a very interesting cross-genre producer who isn’t afraid to integrate the sounds of dubstup and old school electro into his tracks.

Robag Wruhme – “Christian Martin mikks ist super geil was für eine abfahrt!”
dOP – “Great package! I love the 3 remixes..and bruno’s one is beautiful.”
D’Julz – “Stimming remix rocks.”
Riva Starr – “Stimming and Christian Martin remixes kick ass for me!”
Brodinski – “Bruno Pronsto remix have the Best Groove. I love it! Christian Martin Remix is SOOO good! Big support on this one!”
Magda – “Monster island – cool Detroit electro!”
Sebo K – “Stimming remix is great! Although it’s hard to beat the original ; )”
Joris Voorn – “Very nice Stimming mix!! Christian Martin mix is a nice surprise, bringing back the ‘real’ electro sound ”
Agoria – “Cool remixes from Bruno and Stimming!”
Pedro “Busy P” Winter – “Christian Martin Remix is heavy!”
Nick Warren – “Stimming mix is great!”
Joe – (Hot Chip) – “Particularly like the Christian Martin.”
Paco Osuna – “Once again Stimming is a super BOMB!!! Congratulations!!!!”
Ripperton – “Wow, that Pronsato remix sounds like a masterpiece.”
Deetron – “5* for the Christian Martin Remix, it’s mad!”
Julio Bashmore – “Tour de force.”
Troy Pierce - “I normally only have eyes for Bruno but the Christian Martin remix is deadly, super bomb!”
Maetrik – “I’m really into all of these for different reasons and to play at different times. But Christian’s mix really brings me back to my roots when i was writing mostly electro. fucking SICK!!!!”
Tom Findlay – (Groove Armada) – “All good, Christian Martin mix is my fav, nice break from the 4 to the floor.”
David k - “5 stars remixes….. the Pronsato is great!!!”
Funk D’Void – “Insanely good Christian Martin mix!”
Anja Schneider – “Really nice remix package!”
Misstress Barbara – “Great package. Really eclectic selection of mixes on here.”
Hernan Cattaneo – “Stimming for me!”
Tim Green – “I love Bruno’s remix! All 3 great remixes, great release!”
Nat Self – (Zombie Disco Squad) – “Hard to beat the dub version that breaks into dubstep- nice doh!”
Annie Nightingale – “Christian Martin mix is a monster.”
Smokin Jo – “Christian Martin mix….THIS IS DARK, LOVE IT!!”
Worthy – “Christian Martin destroyed it on his remix, the sounds after the break are so freaky, I love it.”
Johnny D – “Great Stimming mix.”
Thomas Schumacher – “Sublime remixes, all of them. Bruno’s remix is great but Stimming’s version completely blows me away! What a tune. Full support.”
Patrick Chardronnet - “I like the Stimming beat!!”
Gabriel Ananda - “Great EP! for playing i like the stimming mix most.”
Ralph Lawson - “Bruno Pronsato mix is really unusual I like it.”
Michel de Hey – “Storm original was great, Stimming did a magnificent job reworking this!”
Ali Schwarz – (Tiefschwarz) – “Great release. Love the Bruno Pronsato remix!”
Rocky – (X-Press 2) – “Lovely! Stimming and Bruno def for me.”
Seth Troxler – “Time to get ill Bruno damn!!!!!”
Raresh – “Bruno Pronsato remix!!!”
Charles Webster - “Bruno mix is very cool….love his stuff….Stimming mix also cool.”
Italoboyz – “Nice package, my fave here is pronsato’s!”
Orde Meikle – (Slam) – “Another cracking set of remixes – all 3 mixes excellent – supa strong!”
Pete Tong – “Bruno’s mix is a lazy sexy beast.”
Rodriguez Jr – “First class release indeed. I love the three mixes here.”
Heidi – “Bomb skittley…..”
Osunlade - “I Love love love the VonStroke and Stimming is just icing!”
Ellen Allien – “Pronsato dark dance..and Stimming fun / both i will play for sure ”
Paul Woolford – “Bruno’s mix is spellbinding & Christian’s delivered a bomb. Great work!”
Donk Boys – “I like the old skool electro beats on Christian Martin Remix, nice work!”
Layo – “All great!!”
Marc Romboy – “Christian Martin´s Miami Bass Dark Beat Attack kicks me big time!!!”
Jona – “Bruno Pronsato and Stimming remixes for me. Both excellent on different fields!”
Laurent Garnier – “Really nice to hear a bit of Electro will play Christian’s remix Niiice!!”
Luke Solomon – “Great package will play all 3!”
Kasper – “Great record. Love Brunos remix.”
Martin Eyerer – “I like this mix from Stimming!”
Behrouz – “I will play the Stimming remix.”"


The 7 days of dirtybird

Title:The 7 days of dirtybird
Cat-No: DB-118
Release date (Worldwide): Dec 16th

1 LFO I Love You - Andrea Di Rocco & Claude VonStroke
2 People Forget - Sonny Fodera
3 The Clock - Kyle Watson
4 Bell Murray - Christian Martin
5 Roff - Genghis Clan & Bot
6 For the Club - Ballast feat. Kid Enigma
7 Princess - Justin Martin & Ardalan BUY on Beatport

Ardalan – The Yeah / No

Title:The Yeah/No
Cat-No: DB-117
Release date (Beatport): Dec 1st
Release date (Worldwide): Dec 16th
1.Wake Up
2. The Yeah / No
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Kill Frenzy – Taylr Swft Album

Title: Kill Frenzy - Taylr Swft
Cat-No: DB116
Release date: November 3rd, 2014
BUY on Beatport
1. All Night Long
2. Gorilla
3. No Panties
4. XVI
5. XXX feat. Astrid
6. Alarms
7. KIll Frenzy & Justin Jay - Lava
8. Kill Frenzy & Christian Martin - Bondi
9. Kontrol
10. So Fine

Kill Frenzy – All Night Long / No Panties

Title:All Night Long / No Panties
Cat-No: DB-115
Release date (Beatport): October 13, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): October 28, 2014
1.All Night Long
2. No Panties
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Aaron Snapes – Introducing Aaron Snapes

Title:Introducing Aaron Snapes
Cat-No: DB-114
Release date (Beatport): September 1, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): September 16th, 2014
2. Space Bass
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Sacha Robotti & Look Like – Loca Lola

Title: Loca Lola
Cat-No: DB-113
Release date (Beatport): August 11th, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): August 28th, 2014
1. Loca Lola
2. Drop Out
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