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five year

I’d like to do a quick summary of Australia. Overall it was a great trip with some amazing highlights in Brisbane, Byron Bay (all 6hrs – thanks!), Melbourne and Sydney. Thanks to Tim and Stuart for taking care of me and putting the awesome tour together.

But for once I’m not going to talk about the gigs because I have a really big announcement to drop. As of January 1, dirtybird is 5 years old!!

To celebrate us surviving in this highly competitive and crazy world of dance music I am announcing it here first – The release of our “5 years of dirtybird” package in April. It is a massive 3 cd set including all the classics on one disc, a whole cd of sick new tracks I have been collecting for a year, AND an incredibly special mix compilation by Justin Martin including special edits and new versions of dirtybird music.

five year

Here is the advance track-listing… Over the next few weeks i’ll be dropping clips of some of these amazing new tracks. The release date for cd/vinyl/Itunes/Beatport etc. is mid April. I have never been so excited about a release. It is the best stuff of our label all in one huge package.

Disc Three – Future
1. Edu K – Dos Gusanos
2. The Martin Brothers – Duck Face
3. Claude VonStroke – Dood
4. Kink – Elevator
5. Justin Martin – Robot Romance
6. Hickup – Hickup Theme
7. Talal & Zoi – Silky King
8. Worthy & Yankee Zulu – Humble Mumble
9. Donk Boys – Hehu
10. Christian Martin – Polar Bear
11. Sascha Braemer – Club Foot
12. Jacob Seville – Groovin
13. J Phlip – Droppin Bomz on Yer Momz

Disc Two – Present – Justin Martin’s 5 yr. db mix
1.) Intro (a phone call from the boss)
2.) The Southern Draw (acapella) – Justin Martin & Sammy D
Breff – Justin Martin & Tanner Ross
3.) World Peace – Julio Bashmore
4.) Duckface – The Martin Brothers
5.) Beat That Bird (acapella) – Justin Martin & Claude VonStroke
6.) Vocal Chords (Voodeux’s Grumbly Mix) – Claude VonStroke
7.) The Greasy Beat ft. Bootsy Collins (Robag Wruhme Mother Jones Mix vs J. Phlip mix) – Claude VonStroke
8.) Some Sweat – Sascha Braemer
Dum (snippet) – The Martin Brothers
9.) I Miss You…Please Call Me Back Someday – Justin Martin & Sammy D
10.) Grace (Justin Martin Remix) – Mike Monday
11.) Espagnol – ICS
Dos Gusanos – Edu K
12.) Revox (Justin Martin Remix) – Tim Green
13.) Magnificent (Justin Martin’s No Heart & Soul Mix) – Iz & Diz
14.) Robot Romance – Justin Martin
15.) Deep Throat (Justin Martin Remix) – Claude VonStroke
The Whistler (snippets from Diplo remix and original)-Claude VonStroke
16.) Twang Chung – Claude Vonstroke
17.) Chimps – Claude VonStroke
18.) Cicada (Claude VonStroke’s 17yr. mix) – Justin Martin
19.) Groundhog Day – Christian Martin & Claude VonStroke
20.) Who’s Afraid of Detroit? – Claude VonStroke
Stoopit – The Martin Brothers

Disc One – Past
1. The Capacitron – Christian Martin & Claude VonStroke
2. Southern Draw – Justin Martin & Sammy D
3. Deep Throat – Claude VonStroke
4. Stoopit – The Martin Brothers
5. Congoloid – Solo
6. Cicada (Claude VonStroke Remix) – Justin Martin
7. Some Sweat – Sascha Braemer
8. Who’s Afraid of Detroit? – Claude VonStroke
9. The Big Kazoo – Style of Eye
10. Revox (Justin Martin Remix) – Tim Green
11. Full Moon – The Martin Brothers
12. The Whistler – Claude VonStroke
13. Groundhog Day – Christian Martin & Claude VonStroke


The 7 days of dirtybird

Title:The 7 days of dirtybird
Cat-No: DB-118
Release date (Worldwide): Dec 16th

1 LFO I Love You - Andrea Di Rocco & Claude VonStroke
2 People Forget - Sonny Fodera
3 The Clock - Kyle Watson
4 Bell Murray - Christian Martin
5 Roff - Genghis Clan & Bot
6 For the Club - Ballast feat. Kid Enigma
7 Princess - Justin Martin & Ardalan BUY on Beatport

Ardalan – The Yeah / No

Title:The Yeah/No
Cat-No: DB-117
Release date (Beatport): Dec 1st
Release date (Worldwide): Dec 16th
1.Wake Up
2. The Yeah / No
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Kill Frenzy – Taylr Swft Album

Title: Kill Frenzy - Taylr Swft
Cat-No: DB116
Release date: November 3rd, 2014
BUY on Beatport
1. All Night Long
2. Gorilla
3. No Panties
4. XVI
5. XXX feat. Astrid
6. Alarms
7. KIll Frenzy & Justin Jay - Lava
8. Kill Frenzy & Christian Martin - Bondi
9. Kontrol
10. So Fine

Kill Frenzy – All Night Long / No Panties

Title:All Night Long / No Panties
Cat-No: DB-115
Release date (Beatport): October 13, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): October 28, 2014
1.All Night Long
2. No Panties
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Aaron Snapes – Introducing Aaron Snapes

Title:Introducing Aaron Snapes
Cat-No: DB-114
Release date (Beatport): September 1, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): September 16th, 2014
2. Space Bass
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Sacha Robotti & Look Like – Loca Lola

Title: Loca Lola
Cat-No: DB-113
Release date (Beatport): August 11th, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): August 28th, 2014
1. Loca Lola
2. Drop Out
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Claude VonStroke – CaliFuture

Title: CaliFuture
Cat-No: DB-112
Release date (Beatport): July 21, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): August 5th, 2014
1. Califuture ft. Barry Drift
2. Eye I Eye
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Nick Monaco – 5 Feet

Title: 5 Feet
Cat-No: DB-111
Release date (Beatport): June 30th, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): July 15th, 2014
1. 5 Feet
2. American Holiday
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Justin Jay – Instincts

Title: Instincts
Cat-No: DB-110
Release date (Beatport): June 9th, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): June 24th, 2014
1. Analysis Paralysis
2. Denial
3. Instincts
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Claude VonStroke – Urban Animal Remixes

Title: Claude VonStroke - Urban Animal Remixes
Cat-No: DB109
Release date: May 05, 2014
1. The Clapping Track (Solomun Remix)
2. Dood (Kill Frenzy Remix)
3. Urban Animal (Dixon Dub Mix)
4. Can't Wait (VonStroke's Where's Kenny Remix?)
5. Plasma Jelly (Eprom Remix)
6. Lay It Down Re-Smoked feat. DJ Nehpets (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
7. The Clapping Track (Doorly Clap & Pop Remix)
8. Sugar & Cinnamon feat. Barry Drift (Justin Jay Remix)
9. Oakland Rope feat. Fox & Py (Photek Remix)
10. The Bridge (Tanner Ross Remix)
11. Oakland Rope feat. Fox & Py (Krust Remix)
12. Dood (SCNTST Remix)

Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Hello Mr. Jello

Title: Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Hello Mr. Jello
Cat-No: DB108
Release date (Beatport): March 31st, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): April 15th, 2014
1. Steven Jello
2. Kong

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Catz ‘n Dogz – Booty Comes First/Bones Shakin’

Title: Catz 'n Dogz - Booty Comes First/Bones Shakin'
Cat-No: DB107
Release date (Beatport): March 17th, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): April 1st, 2014
1. Booty Comes First
2. Bones Shakin'

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