Catz ‘n Dogz Podcast

Catz ‘n Dogz came out with a new podcast yesterday!

“… This duo keep you on your toes with dOP and Claude Von Stroke making guest appearances on the new album, and sounds that feature elements of dubstep, disco, hip-hop and r&b.” –

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Check out the Escape From Zoo – Album Preview, available now on Beatport!

Thanks to hybridlife for putting up this podcast.


Aaron Snapes – Introducing Aaron Snapes

Title:Introducing Aaron Snapes
Cat-No: DB-114
Release date (Beatport): September 1, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): September 16th, 2014
2. Space Bass
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Sacha Robotti & Look Like – Loca Lola

Title: Loca Lola
Cat-No: DB-113
Release date (Beatport): August 11th, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): August 28th, 2014
1. Loca Lola
2. Drop Out
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Claude VonStroke – CaliFuture

Title: CaliFuture
Cat-No: DB-112
Release date (Beatport): July 21, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): August 5th, 2014
1. Califuture ft. Barry Drift
2. Eye I Eye
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Nick Monaco – 5 Feet

Title: 5 Feet
Cat-No: DB-111
Release date (Beatport): June 30th, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): July 15th, 2014
1. 5 Feet
2. American Holiday
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Justin Jay – Instincts

Title: Instincts
Cat-No: DB-110
Release date (Beatport): June 9th, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): June 24th, 2014
1. Analysis Paralysis
2. Denial
3. Instincts
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Claude VonStroke – Urban Animal Remixes

Title: Claude VonStroke - Urban Animal Remixes
Cat-No: DB109
Release date: May 05, 2014
1. The Clapping Track (Solomun Remix)
2. Dood (Kill Frenzy Remix)
3. Urban Animal (Dixon Dub Mix)
4. Can't Wait (VonStroke's Where's Kenny Remix?)
5. Plasma Jelly (Eprom Remix)
6. Lay It Down Re-Smoked feat. DJ Nehpets (Jimmy Edgar Remix)
7. The Clapping Track (Doorly Clap & Pop Remix)
8. Sugar & Cinnamon feat. Barry Drift (Justin Jay Remix)
9. Oakland Rope feat. Fox & Py (Photek Remix)
10. The Bridge (Tanner Ross Remix)
11. Oakland Rope feat. Fox & Py (Krust Remix)
12. Dood (SCNTST Remix)

Justin Martin & Eats Everything – Hello Mr. Jello

Title: Justin Martin & Eats Everything - Hello Mr. Jello
Cat-No: DB108
Release date (Beatport): March 31st, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): April 15th, 2014
1. Steven Jello
2. Kong

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Catz ‘n Dogz – Booty Comes First/Bones Shakin’

Title: Catz 'n Dogz - Booty Comes First/Bones Shakin'
Cat-No: DB107
Release date (Beatport): March 17th, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): April 1st, 2014
1. Booty Comes First
2. Bones Shakin'

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Various Artists – dirtybird BBQ

Title: Various Artists - dirtybird BBQ
Cat-No: DB106
Release date (Worldwide): February 25th, 2014
1. Say My Name 1. Justin Martin - Buggin
2. Shiba San - Okay
3. Catz ‘n Dogz - Drop It
4. SecondCity & Tyler Rowe - I Enter
5. Ghostea - Breathing Room
6. Christian Martin - Martian Landing
7. Nick Olivetti & Alli Borem - Da Noyz
8. Justin Jay - Le Voyou
9. Galen - ICANCU
10. Cause & Affect - The Tickle
11. Ardalan - No Excuses
12. Claude VonStroke's dirtybird BBQ (Continuous Mix)

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J.Phlip – Say My Name

Title: J.Phlip - Say My Name
Cat-No: DB105
Release date (Beatport): January 20th, 2014
Release date (Worldwide): February 4th, 2014
1. Say My Name
2. Say My Name on Acid feat. Aidan Chambers (Remix)


Nick Olivetti – Looping Machine

Title: Nick Olivetti - Looping Machine
Cat-No: DB104
Release date (Beatport): December 16th, 2013
Release date (Worldwide): January 7th, 2013
1. Looping Machine
2. Shake It


Kill Frenzy – Naked Piano

Title: Kill Frenzy - Naked Piano
Cat-No: DB103
Release date (Beatport): December 2nd, 2013
Release date (Worldwide): December 16th, 2013
1. Naked Piano
2. For the Ladies (Tongue n Lick)